North Coast ExecuSearch, Inc.
is committed to dynamic philanthropy; making a positive, exponential difference is - and always has been - a cornerstone of our company.
  We believe that it is part of our mission and purpose as a company to spread our wealth around; say thank you to the world for our good fortune.  We take every chance presented to step back and figure out how we can make a difference in the big picture of our local and global community. And from inception, we have given 5% of our revenue to a variety of charities that are near and dear to us - a commitment that does not waiver based on the economic climate.  

We provide a variety of opportunities to give our time, talent, business strengths and monetary donations to make our community a better place.  We invest in the personal development and well-being of our team. It is crucial for this organization to continue to encourage team members to choose activities that match their interests and support their involvement.  This is our way to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, which in turn creates our value and ability to truly make a difference.