Real People

  • We get to know the candidates we work with on a professional and personal level, using our 4 Pillar methodology to learn:
  • What motivates them?
  • What are their goals?
  • Are they serious and committed to making a change?
  • We dive deep to learn about our hiring managers on both a professional and personal level to better understand their wants, needs and desires, which builds stronger relationships.  
  • We take this business seriously, not ourselves.  We are not afraid to show our human side and be real about who we are.  This allows us to be a trusted advisor to the individuals we work with.

Real Accountability

  • We hold ourselves to a higher standard because we are dedicated to this as a career and helping others achieve their professional goals.
  • We provide metrics to our clients to show our activity on a search.  Our clients find this information valuable to make any necessary adjustments to their criteria to attract the "right fit" candidate.  These metrics include:
  • How many people we've contacted;
  • Why/Why-not people are interested;
  • Compensation levels based on skill sets;
  • Competitive information in the market.
  • We do not rest until we know that all parties involved have the information they feel is necessary to make a conscious decision.  

Real Results

  • We have a fulfillment ratio of 87% due to our detailed search process that we customize and apply to every project.  This process includes:
  • Obtaining the critical information needed from all parties by asking difficult questions;
  • Designing a specific targeted plan to increase the potential of success;
  • Delivering qualified, interested candidates who fit the most important criteria and have the best chance of succeeding;
  • Placing a candidate does not mean our job is not done.  We continue to maintain diligent follow up and feedback to ensure the selection was right for all.
  • Our commitment to results allowed us to grow year over year even when 40% of recruiters left the business due to tough economic conditions.
  • Our office consistently ranked in the Top 5% of offices within the MRI Network, which is the largest contingency recruiting firm worldwide.

Real Growth

          • We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their companies and our candidates grow their careers.
  • By placing the right people, our clients have experienced a range of 18-32% growth.
  • An average of 1 in 3 placed candidates exceeded expectations, which resulted in being asked to take on additional responsibilities or were promoted.
      • We take the time and resources to grow our skills, enabling us to work more effectively and efficiently to shorten the time needed to fill positions.  Our recruiters go thru extensive initial training as well as over 200 hours of continued education yearly. In addition, we have associates that have chosen to become certified search specialists, requiring an additional 230 hours in training annually.