A Message from our President, Jen Meyer

It's a new day at North Coast ExecuSearch!

After months of brainstorming, creative-thinking, writing, re-writing, analyzing, re-analyzing and covering the entire creative process from head-to-toe... we are happy to announce the launch of our brand new website!

New Look - Same Reliability

We all know, yet we are unsure why, many executive search firm websites appear to be stodgy and ours used to be no exception.  What we do know is the people here at North Coast are what truly make up the root of our success.  Our new website aims to demonstrate that.

We've always been a valued resource for our clients and candidates.  We become an extension to families and a member of the team with many of our clients.  We play trusted advisor to many on the tough decisions they face every day.

You'll be happy to hear none of this has changed.  While our last website clearly conveyed our strengths and successes, it lacked one major component.  You did not know anything about US.  You knew what we did, but not how we do it or who we are.

To us this is one of the biggest differentiators from our competitors.  We are driven and dedicated to our work, but most importantly, we are fun people who take our jobs seriously but not ourselves - and our new website is designed with that in mind.

Feel free to take some time to navigate through the site.  Learn about our leadership team - inside the office and out!  See the areas we specialize in, how we approach the business and the valuable tips we provide for candidates and clients!



Thanks to our Team

In light of this very exciting step forward for our company, the new website launch would not have been possible without the tireless work of our team!  Along side me, Michelle and Joshua were the bulk of the "brains" behind the content and design but Angelique's input was invaluable.  

A huge thanks to Geauga Web Solutions who worked with us all the way to ensure the site matched the personality of our office.  Finally, you will notice what really makes the site is the incredible artwork for which we thank Jenna Fournier!

If you have questions, comments or even feedback on the new blog please don't hesitate to contact us!