Our office has developed a proven method of assisting our candidates in evaluating an opportunity to further understand what is going to be the right fit for the next step in their career.  There are so many levels of interpretation of what is important to each individual so we do not even begin to define that for anyone.  Our method is concise and easy, we break the evaluation process down into 4 pillars: company, culture, role and money.


  • The internal structure
  • The size of company (i.e. number of employees, revenue, public, private, etc.)
  • The products they manufacture or represent


  • Processes
  • Core Values/Philosophies
  • Management style


  • Actual duties & responsibilities
  • Location
  • Travel


  • Salary
  • Bonus/Commissions
  • Benefits package

As consultants we ask you questions to determine your needs, wants and desires in all of these categories - what does this mean to you, what is important to you and what is non-negotiable?  We then walk thru the opportunity and share with you how it fits against your requirements.  We will inquire about your thought process, but will NEVER push you to make a move.  Also, you can count on the fact that we WILL NOT waste your time talking about an opportunity that does not fit your guidelines.