Interview Tips for Managers   

When evaluating candidates for your team, there are millions of questions you could ask.  Here's a simple breakdown on how to categorize your questions to ensure you assess the same qualities in every candidate along with sample questions.  We suggest picking two from each section.

Identifying and Solving Real Problems

These questions reflect the content of the job as well as allow candidates to articulate their skills in problem solving.  You may want to ask a top performer some of these questions to determine a baseline for responses.  Walk me thru the steps you actually use during your first weeks in a new role to identify the most important issues/problems as well as opportunities?
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Managing the Process

Whether you are working with a search consultant or trying to fill a position on your own, it is essential to manage expectations on both sides. As you start, there are many things to consider. Below you will find some of the most important aspects you can control to ensure a smooth hiring process.


The best success comes from defining the skill sets required to excel in the role today and bridging what will be needed 3-5 years down the road. As you evaluate the qualifications necessary, consider the following:
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