Finding and hiring quality talent has never been more critical.  Competition, economic uncertainty and high costs mean you must make sure you recruit the right people for business success.  By implementing recruiting best practices, you can potentially reduce your cost per hire by up to 70% and improve efficiency with the successful collaboration between you and your search firm.  Your approach to the partnership influences the speed and outcome of the project just as much as the recruiter's skill.  One of the most important factors is your understanding of the way we work and the important role you play.  This is why North Coast has developed a systematic process, which compliments each other's knowledge and strengths, warranting a positive search experience. 

When an organization chooses to work with us, they should be prepared to talk beyond the job description, so we understand what they offer to candidates based around our 4 Pillars Method: Company, Culture, Role and Money.  


  • Story beyond the factual data
  • Performance over the last 3 years
  • Growth plan over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Size (revenue, number of employees, etc.)


  • Core values of the executive/management team
  • Leadership style
  • Communication and accountability
  • How you celebrate excellent performance


  • Why the is position open
  • Challenges to overcome in the first year
  • The top 3 non-negotiables in a candidate's background or skill set
  • Does this role require a non-compete/non-solicitation agreement


  • Structure of package (base, bonus, commissions, etc.)
  • Historical payout of bonus/commissions and realistic total compensation
  • Car, cell phone, laptop, iPad, etc.
  • Benefits (health insurance, 401k, etc.)

 Once we have an intimate understanding of what is beyond the job description, we can advance to our next steps.  Some of these steps include:   

  • Co-Create the project road-map in order to develop an in-depth research plan which allows us to identify a specific call plan
  • Comprehensive interview process to assess true motivations and qualifications
  • Guide and navigate all parties thru the process by providing appropriate feedback and information
  • Broker offer by pre-closing our candidate and informing our client on what would be acceptable
  • During the first year we follow up to better safeguard the retention of our candidates with our clients

Remember, recruiting is no longer a static event; it is about ongoing communication with the people who possess a given set of skills and fit into the culture of your organization.  Managing relationships with candidates takes time, but it is important to deliver a good experience, or you might lose them to the process.  We can help you with candidate relationship management and candidate communication.  This plays a critical role in identifying, developing and sustaining long relationships with talent and on-boarding them properly.